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Electric Sliding Gates Kent

We are professional installers of Electric Sliding Gates and whatever your project we can advise you on the best solution for your home or office. Electric sliding gates are the ideal hassle free way of securing your property whilst enhancing the look of your home or office.

Electric gates are now more affordable than ever and more and more people are choosing Electric Gates as a security solution. Our Electric Sliding Gates range from the stylish to those that offer heavy duty protection. There are many advantages to having Electric Sliding Gates not only are they convenient and stylish they also offer protection and security for your home. At Glebe Automated Gate Systems we aim to provide you with the right gates at the right price.


Electric Sliding Gates are the perfect security solution for your home or office. Access to visitors, wanted or unwanted, can be easily controlled from inside the property thus deterring would be thieves and vandals. Automatic and electrically controlled sliding gates enable the owner to have a secure entrance to their property at the touch of a button.


here are many properties which already have standard wooden or iron gates fitted but they are never closed due to the inconvenience of having to manually open and close them. When you consider the number of times people drive in and out of their property in a day it isn't surprising that these gates are left open. Electric Sliding Gates offer a no hassle solution to this problem as they can be operated from inside the property. The gates are controlled by a remote control button so no matter what the weather you never have to get out of your car to open and close the gates.


Our roads are becoming increasingly busy so safety is a major concern especially for those with young children and pets. Electric Sliding Gates offer the reassurance of a safe, secure environment as they can be opened to allow visitors to enter or leave and then be closed securely straight away. Also the gates weak points are less accessible than the weak points of a swing gate structure.

Resale Value

Your property will really stand out from the rest with a fully automated electric gate system. Adding value to your property, our Electric Sliding Gates not only look stylish but they also enhance the architectural character of your property.

Benefits of an electric sliding gate

Electric sliding gates offer a lot of benefits that are so practical whilst also remaining stylish. Some of the benefits include space for example a sliding gate does not need the same type or amount of space that a swing gate requires to open and close this is useful because the entirety of the space on the driveway can be used. So an electric sliding gate is extremely useful and practical when space is restricted. Another benefit of having an electric sliding gate installed is that it increases the level of security as it is offers a much higher resistance to being forced compared to a pair of swing gates. Also electric sliding gates will be effective and fully functional even when installed on an upwards sloping driveway where swinging gates would not be able to open inwards.

Electric sliding Gates provide the perfect solution to security, safety and style so whatever your requirements we will endeavor to supply a modern stylish system at a price that is right. There are two main types of electric sliding gates, the tracked gate system and the cantilever gate system.

Tracked electric sliding gate

This system is an economical and straight forward way of installing an electric sliding gate system, but is it right for you? Here is some more information about it and if you can't find the information about it that you require please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with any further information you need. This system works using a metal runner embedded in the ground spanning the entrance. The gate is guided along the metal runner with the wheels mounted along its base. The only downfall with this system is that the gate will need to be kept clear of debris as this could impair the smooth operation of your gate this can be prevented with a quick regular sweep. There is no reason why this system will give you any problems during its life span.

Cantilever electric sliding gate

A cantilever electric sliding gate is suspended over the entrance using two horizontal posts. This system has two advantages over a tracked electric sliding gate the first is that this system is quieter than a tracked gate and the second is that this system isn't in need of as much maintenance as the tracker system. If this sounds like the kind of electric sliding gate system you are looking for please feel free to contact us with any queries or inquiries you may have.