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Online Fencing Supplies Kent

Security Fencing

Here at Glebe fencing we offer an extensive range of security fencing. If you are in need of securing your property, we can help recommend and install a security fence that will keep your property safe by either keeping something in, or making sure something stays out.

Types of securing fencing we offer;

Steel Palisade
This type of fencing is quick and easy to install and comes in a variety of heights to suit the individual requirements of our clients. The standard finish is galvanised for this type of fencing but can also be powder coated in various colours to assist in blending in with a particular environment. The toppings for these can come in a range of finishes depending on the level of security you require for example, tri-point which creates a high level of security to round and notched toppings which are more suited for places where a lower level of security is needed.

Fortex 358 3D Mesh system
This system is designed to provide a very high level of security that is almost impossible to climb, with the narrow apertures of the mesh preventing the would be' intruder gaining any foot hold. Whilst retaining a high level of visibility and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, this system is used extensively by the Ministry of Defence, schools and around high security sites.

Weld mesh fencing
Weld mesh fencing Can be constructed using 2.5mm to 5.0mm diameter wire and also available in a variety of heights ranging from 900mm to 3000mm. The finishes available for this particular type of fencing are, galvanised or galvanised and PVC coated in green or black. Designed to cover the broadest range of applications and used predominantly along the channel Tunnel rail link and other railway applications. Weld mesh offers perimeter protection along with a high level of visibility. It is also possible to upgrade this fence once installed with a barbed wire or razor topping for added security

Chain link
Chain link has a proven track record over the years for offering a low cost solution to perimeter fencing, from domestic gardens and tennis courts to commercial property and railway boundaries. The different types of finishes that are available for this type of fencing are galvanised or galvanised and PVC coated in green or black. Posts can be manufactured from reinforced concrete or steel angle or box section and finished in painted, galvanised or galvanised with polyester powder coating.

Electrified perimeter systems
A pulsed electrified security system provides total security of the perimeter. This system creates both a physical and psychological barrier to would be intruders. If and when contact is made with the electrified perimeter fencing system the intruder will be given a short sharp painful but safe electric shock. Any attempts to cut, load, short circuit or tamper with the fence will set off an alarm.

Vibration detection system
Vibration detection system can be fitted to almost any existing security fence for example, chain link, and palisade and weld mesh and consists of piezoelectric sensor cable being fixed to the structure. During an attack or forced entry by an intruder the vibrations send signals to a seismic analyser for detection. The system is programmed to detect cutting, climbing or sabotage of the fencing system and can tell where in the fence line the attack has happened. This security fence can be linked to CCTV and alarm monitoring systems. Like electrified security systems the vibration detection security fencing system is used where a high level of security is required.

Expamet fix-a-fence system
Expamet fix-a-fence system is a fencing solution used where we find the existing fence posts are still in good condition but the face of the fence for example the chain link or the mesh are no longer effective because of the extent of damage of the face of the fence may have deteriorated. The fix-a-fence system is a versatile and economical system which has been used extensively for the upgrading of fencing and while keeping costs down by using existing posts. It is ideal for upgrading insecure and dilapidated fencing to achieve modern security standards with a proven system that combines a high level of security with a low level of maintenance.

The range of security fencing we offer are all very effective, for more information or any questions you may have please do not hesitate to call or email us.