Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know who owns which side of the fence?

A: The common trail of thought of it being always the one on the right is not actually true. The definitive answer will come from your deeds and your fence line will be highlighted in red. You may have what is known as a ‘party wall’ which means it is shared ownership. In these situations it is always best to chat with your neighbours in the first instance or check your property deeds.

Q: Who will dispose of the old fence?

A: Glebe Fencing Ltd can remove all old fencing materials when installing new and dispose of them in a responsible way at their own timber yard.

Q:Do you supply?

A: Yes we are happy to supply to both trade customers and the public. You are welcome to visit the timber yard at Hockers lane Detling, or buy on-line now.

Q: What payment terms do you have?

A:We accept all types of payment methods including, Cash, Cheques, Credit Cards and BACS Payments.

Q: Can you deliver?

A: Yes, we offer a free kerb side delivery within a local radius to our yard and have minimal charges for deliveries outside of that area.